We noted last week that Joseph Wood, deputy secretary of state, was selected by Washington County Republicans to run for county judge. 

Wood, who is paid $102,054 per year as deputy secretary of state, is not resigning and says he plans to campaign only on his free time. Continuing a full-time job while also campaigning three or more hours away sounds like…an impressive feat. 

It’s worth noting that the last time a staffer from the secretary of state’s office ran for office, Rep. James Sturch, he resigned from his office the day after he filed. (I’ve been told by multiple sources that was Secretary of State Mark Martin‘s call.)  

Will Wood be able to fulfill his duties while also running for office in Washington County? I’ve called both the Secretary of State’s office and Wood but haven’t heard back from either. I will update this post if I do. 

Martin seems to be highlighting Wood on his official Twitter account, with three prominent mentions in the last week.