Worth noting: State Rep. Clarke Tucker of Little Rock is working again on legislation to provide six weeks of paid maternity leave for state employees.

Federal law requires unpaid family leave, but only four states have provided paid leave for new mothers.


A nwahomepage.com report on the legislation in progress quotes Tucker: 

Fundamentally a new mother is faced with a choice between taking care of her new infant or facing a financial crisis. …. 

Employers often make the investment back that they put in because on the one hand employee productivity and morale goes up and also absenteeism and turnover goes down.

Tucker, a Democrat, said the bill could cost the state $350,000 a year in paid leave. Sounds like family values legislation to me. Alas, his  bill died in a Senate committee in 2015 because of the opposition of four conservative Republicans — John Cooper, Gary Stubblefield, Scott Flippo and Cecile Bledsoe (wife of a doctor and mother of the state surgeon general).