KAIT reports on how the three Arkansas State students spent time waiting for rescue after getting lost in the Blowing Cave in Independence County. They talked with Casey Sherwood, who led two Japanese exchange students on the outing.

Sherwood said they were looking for a specific room.

He said they thought they found it but when they realized they had not, they turned around.

This is when Sherwood said they got lost.

He said he used his knowledge as a Cub Scout master to keep them calm and in one spot.

Sherwood explained what they did to keep warm in the 58-degree cave.

“Got ourselves back to back to maintain body heat,” Sherwood said. “Huddled up and just kept breathing warm air into our clothes and just sat it out conserving our energy for whenever hopefully the time the rescuers would find us.”

After 30 hours in the cave, help arrived about a 30-minute trek from the cave opening. Following is a YouTube video by Brian Agee on the cave, a popular spot for explorers.