The state Ethics Commission last week informed a complainant she’d raised sufficient questions about campaign finance filings by Republican Rep. Mike Holcomb to initiate an investigation.

The complaint raises multiple points, including a failure to disclose the specific expenses Holcomb charged to a credit card and numerous late reports.

The Ethics Commission noted the get-out-of-jail-free rule passed by the legislature in 2015 to prevent undue embarrassment for unethical legislators.  It allows Holcomb to correct any “unintentional” error within 30 days of notice of the oversight. Is the failure to disclose credit card spending properly — a matter that caused well publicized grief for a couple of past elected officials — believably “unintentional”?  The Ethics Commission’s notice of investigation says that the defense is available to Holcomb in any case.

Holcomb is opposed by Democrat Dorothy Hall in the election, a rematch of a narrow victory for Holcomb two years ago.