GETTING READY: Construction work has long been in progress for a replacement span for the Broadway Bridge in background. Brian Chilson

The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department has scheduled a “closing ceremony” for the Broadway Bridge at 10:45 a.m. Wednesday, 45 minutes after the bridge is closed for six months or so of work to tear down the old structure and replace it.

Many elected officials will be on hand, along with the National Guard, VFW and American Legion. A band playing a dirge might be in order. The public is welcome to walk onto the bridge for the ceremony from either side.

Downtown traffic, already a mess at rush hour morning and afternoon, is sure to be bollixed up as commuters decide on alternate routes to cross the river and perhaps adjust driving time. Immense pressure will fall on Scott Street, which handles north-south Main Street bridge traffic.

Work has been underway to pre-build much of the structure so it can be put in place relatively quickly after demolition.


With all due respect, maybe they should have had the closing ceremony somewhere else. An hour lost to construction is an hour lost.