BUIYER REVEALED: Doug Martin confirms he's behind the recent purchase of this former garage at Kavanaugh and Beenchwood in Hillcrest.

Important news from our home territory in the Free State of Hillcrest (get your Hillcrexit T-shirts here)

I wrote in May that Little Giddings LLC had purchased the former Helmich Auto Service at Kavanaugh and Beechwood for $450,000 from the long-time family owners,  who’d decided to retire. But the identity of the owner and the plans weren’t known. I know more today.


Doug Martin, senior managing director of Stephens Inc., and himself a Hillcrest resident, confirms that he is behind Little Giddings. He said he has no current plans for the property.

He said he got his own car serviced at Helmich and asked when he was in a few months ago if the family had ever thought about selling. Matter of fact ….


“I’m not doing it to make money,” said Martin. “I want to do something nice for the neighborhood.” He invited suggestions.

He added, by the way, that he has NOT purchased a house behind the former garage at 703 Beechwood that is divided into apartments, but he said he had inquired about its availability.


More when there’s more to report.