Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson thinks computer coding education will lift Arkansas from the bottom tier in education and economic development. And already, he has so much to work with should he get the AEDC to buy some billboard space in Silicon Valley to attract cutting edge industry  to Arkansas. Think about it:

1) Not a single Republican elected official, from the governor on down, has yet uttered a public word of condemnation about Donald Trump’s misogynistic remarks.

2) We kill turkeys by dropping them from an airplane and defend it as an amusing tradition.

3) We have two state laws and are set to adopt a third to provide legal protection for discrimination against gay people.


4) We WILL vote for Donald Trump.

There’s a meme in there somewhere. Get it to AEDC stat. It ought to bring the high-tech firms galloping here.


PS — I have specifically asked press spokesmen for the governor and the attorney general, two of Trump’s leading Arkansas defenders, for comments on the latest. Should I get a response, I”ll pass it along. The senators don’t talk to me because they don’t like my questions. Perhaps somebody in Iowa, where Tom Cotton is campaigning for president, or somewhere John Boozman turns up (far removed from challenger Conner Eldridge, you can be sure) can give it a shot.

I’d also like to hear particularly from the starchy buttoned-down banker U.S. Rep. French Hill, a Bush Republican who cheered the day when the Bushes brought back business dress and other proper demeanor to the White House after the debauched Clinton years.