State Sen. Linda Collins-Smith of Pocahontas is a Tea Party-style Republican. She posted this on her Facebook page last night.

The photo has drawn some sharp criticism. “Deplorable,” said one. To Collins-Smith’s credit (thinking Jason Rapert here) she hasn’t removed them. But the day is young.


Also, being fair and balanced I am compelled to note her Facebook page contains a photo of hungry pigs with a message from the ultra-conservative Conduit for Action against Issue 3, the corporate welfare handout of tax money to private business and chamber of commerce lobbyists. I’m not generally an admirer of Conduit for Arkansas,  but when they’re right ….

Issue No. 3 will make the Chamber of Commerce eligible to get its hands on your local tax money. Your Arkansas Constitution currently protects you by prohibiting cities and counties from appropriating money to private entities, such as the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber knows if Issue No. 3 passes, it will be hard for your local politicians to say “no” when the Chamber lobbies them to get your local tax money.

The cosponsor of Issue No. 3 feathered his own nest. The cosponsor, Representative Lance Eads, is the VP for Governmental Affairs for the Springdale Chamber of Commerce and his legislation will help his employer get its hands on your local tax money.

Issue No. 3 allows the state politicians to obligate an unlimited amount of your tax money for bonds used to give incentives to big businesses. The law already allows bonds up to five percent of the state’s general revenues. Instead of asking the people to change the percentage, greedy business interests got all limits removed – the sky is the limit on how much of your state tax money can be obligated for corporate welfare.