The well-orchestrated free media campaign to defeat getting medical marijuana in the hands of people who could benefit from it continues today.

The Arkansas Pharmacists Association has announced its opposition. The measure provides pain relief they wouldn’t dispense.

Also today a group of state legislators will announce their opposition to Issues 6 and 7. They’ll parrot, undoubtedly, the unsupported claim about state expense and the usual hoo-hah about gateway drugs and the like.

Half the United States already allows medical marijuana. More will join that number Nov. 8. Will Arkansas? Gov. Asa Hutchinson, a long-time part of the Drug War Industrial Complex, is doing everything he can to stop it.


Two things:

* I refer you to David Koon’s cover story about real people who’ve been helped by marijuana, so much so that they risked the criminal penalties that attach.


* Remember, too, that the establishment that opposes pain relief for the people is also pushing to give away your tax money to wealthy businesses and corporate lobbyists who are fighting Issues 6 and 7. So, while voting FOR Issues 6 and 7, VOTE NO on ISSUE 3.

To those inclined to pick and choose on 6 and 7, I understand. But I don’t want to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. The anti-pot crowd conquers by dividing those who favor access to cannabis for medical use. Following is Issue 6 TV.

UPDATE: 84 legislators came out against pain relief, including the House speaker and Senate president pro tempore. They regurgitated Surgeon General Greg Bledsoe’s talking point about the usefulness of compounds in marijuana but need for more study (which is practically impossible as long as marijuana is a schedule I drug and none of them mentioned doing anything about that.) There are 135 legislators, so more than four dozen didn’t join the dog and pony show. About 10 of the 84 were Democrats.

Also Rep. Dan Douglas of Bentonville distributed an MMJ-Light piece of legislation he said he’d introduced next year. It doesn’t go far enough and why would those who are insisting on FDA study allow this? It’s at this point mostly a misdirection to discourage votes against 6 and 7. But there is pot that is high in the compound, CBD, with beneficial effects and low in THC, which produces a high.