NON-RESPONSIVE: Rep. Mike Holcomb

Republican Rep. Mike Holcomb of Pine Bluff appears to be stonewalling complaints about his non-compliance with ethics rules on campaign finance reporting.

We’ve reported before on complaints filed against him for, among others, failure to disclose the purpose of payments his campaign made to a credit card.


A new complaint has been filed with the Ethics Commission noting that the 30-day period given legislators to correct problems noted on campaign forms had passed without new reports from Holcomb responding to the September complaint about credit card charges. The complainant, Julia Pruden of Grapevine, has been told a commission hearing has been set on the matter Nov. 18. His most recent campaign filing, on Wednesday, showed no amended information on the past credit card charges.

That will be after the Nov. 8 election in which Holcomb hopes to prevail again against a superior opponent, Dorothy Hall, who barely lost to Holcomb two years ago.