Here’s are a couple of new ads scheduled to air in support of the medical marijuana constitutional amendment. The first emphasizes that it is the only issue remaining for those who favor medical marijuana. Others talk of its usefulness for patients receiving cancer treatment and of “responsible supervision” required by the measure.

Arkansans United for Medical Marijuana, the group behind the ad, has not yet filed a final pre-election spending report indicating any new money raised or spent on the advertising. Through Oct. 17, it had raised and spent almost $885,000, contributed primarily by a family whose interests include retail liquor sales, and businessman with varied interests included payday lending. They presumably are interested in obtaining permits to sell medical marijuana if voters approve.

PS: David Couch, leading the effort, says a new report will be filed today under the Informing Arkansas ballot question committee. I’ll provide details when I have it. That group filed organizatoinal papers Oct. 20, with Karyn Watkins of Maumelle listed as chair.