VOTE NO: Same group pushing this corporate welfare is opposing medical marijuana relief for sick people.

The coalition fighting medical marijuana has scheduled yet another news conference to repeat again their opposition to providing comfort to people with a variety of physical ailments.

The likes of cops, the right-wing religionists of the Family Council, the eternally conservative Farm Bureau and others will be there.


Advocates of medical marijuana should note that a leading member and financial backer of this coalition is the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce. The chamber is also leading the fight to transfer taxpayer money into the treasuries of private business and to give tax money to chamber of commerce lobbyists who do many things against the broader public interest, including LOBBY AGAINST MEDICAL MARIJUANA for sick people.

My point: VOTE NO ON ISSUE 3, the corporate welfare bonanza.


Issue 3 is so bad, the Arkansas Municipal League is already circulating corrective legislation in the event it passes. Giving every crossroads hamlet in Arkansas the ability to hand out bonds to whatever Music Man comes to town with a smile and a shoeshine is a ticket to government ruination and the Municipal League knows it.