A national mock election for students in kindergarten through college has been completed and it found Hillary Clinton the winner over Donald Trump, with victories in states sufficient for 317 electoral votes to Donald Trump’s 221. Votes were cast Oct. 25-Nov. 3.

You need look no farther than Arkansas — in the blue column — for a hint that this was NOT a scientific survey. But, maybe the Arkansas result is because the voting follows civics and current event instruction of educated people. (Just kidding. A little.)

On the other hand, Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin’s office coordinates participation in this exercise in Arkansas. Says here he’ll be certifying the vote. These are called preliminary results apparently because, though most voting finished Friday, some later voting through election day is allowed in some special cases.

Here’s more about the organization, the National Student/Parent Mock Election, that puts on the exercise. It doesn’t report which schools participate and what the total vote was in each state. The website says  as many as 5 million votes have been cast in presidential elections, but participation has lagged in recent years because of lack of financial support.


In 2012, CNN, in reporting Presidet Obama’s win in the mock contest, said the students had been wrong twice — Dewey over Truman in 1948 and Nixon over Kennedy in 1960.