More mentions of Sen. Tom Cotton as a potential Trump cabinet pick — here in Mother Jones and also apparently in a CNN reference that says Vice President-elect Mike Pence thinks Cotton would make a dandy defense secretary.

He’s already said he’s on board, so to speak, with Donald Trump’s desire to resume waterboarding. He seems anxious to mix it up with Iran, Syria, Russia or just about anybody. Well, strike Russia.

Cotton isn’t on the ballot until 2020 and a new state law allows him to run that year for both Senate and president, as he’d been angling to do. You’d think he still is, given multiple cable TV appearances in the last few days. But maybe he’s angling for cabinet.

And if that happens, what? The governor would appoint an interim senator until a special election could be held. That might be interesting.


As a recent tweet from Cotton shows, he thinks there’s no ceiling on gain from dumping on the Clinton family.

It’s perhaps wrong to wish Cotton on the larger United States. But you have to consider the local up-side.