AT CRIME SCENE Brian Chilson

Police say a woman drove up to a truck repair garage at 815 East Capitol Ave. about 1:30 p.m. today and shot two men. One suffered a wound in the leg; the other is in critical condition with a chest wound, police said.

UPDATE: The second victim has died from his wounds. He’s the 33rd homicide of the year in Little Rock.

The woman got in a car driven by another person after the shooting and left. She’s being sought.

The garage, the Hines Detail Shop, is on the east side of Interstate 30.


UPDATE II: Police identified the dead man as Harvel Sieber, 47. Mitchell Hines, 75, was wounded.

Hines was working on a vehicle, police said, when a woman walked up and asked directions to a restroom. Hines asked for an employee to help her. The woman then pulled a gun and started shooting. Hines took cover. Sieber got out of his vehicle and tried to return fire, but was wounded. Hines knocked the gun out of the woman’s hand, but she retrieved it. She fled in a vehicle.