Sen. Jason Rapert (R-Conway)  was on “Capitol View” on KARK, Channel 4, this morning, and among other things that will likely inspire you to yell at your computer screen, he said he expected someone in the legislature to file a bill to do … something about changing the name of the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport. Because local control is an important value until it’s inconvenient. The Little Rock Airport Commission, made up of seven members appointed by Little Rock’s City Board, elected to change the name of the airport to honor the Clintons in 2010.

Rapert’s segment begins around 10 minutes.

“A gentleman called me and he said, ‘Remember Governor Orval Faubus?’ He was one of the longest serving governors in our state,” Rapert said. “Put in a lot of programs that actually benefited the state. However, he had an opinion — of course, dealing with the Little Rock Central High crisis — that left him in a real bad position. You don’t see monuments to Orval Faubus around the state of Arkansas.”

“Are you comparing the Clintons to Orval Faubus?” host Drew Petrimoulx asked. “Well Orval Faubus never did seduce an intern in the White House Oval Office and get impeached over it.” Rapert answered. “And Orval Faubus never also delete 30,000 emails while he was under FBI investigation. And he also has not had multiple affairs. I don’t think honoring a serial adulterer is the image we want to project … “