Gov. Asa Hutchinson was asked on KARK’s Capitol View this morning what he thought of the bomb-throwing transition of Donald Trump. Hutchinson gave Trump high marks:

I think he’s doing a very good job in the transition. In his communication flow, he has been more disciplined, been more cautious. 

Trump has told multiple bald-faced lies on Twitter and other outlets since being elected president, made inflammatory comments with potential foreign-policy consequences, floated the notion of unconstitutional and authoritarian abuses of power, peddled wild conspiracy theories, and picked fights with private American citizens, including the local union at a Carrier plant in Indiana. “He’s still going to throw those flames out there on his Twitter account,” Hutchinson admitted. Asked whether this was a wise approach for the president of the United States, Hutchinson said, “Sure, there’s some risk to it. And I’d like to see him give up the Twitter account.” However, Hutchinson added, even though Trump sometimes uses the incredible power of the bully pulpit to directly lie to the American people about easily verifiable facts, “he’s making a point and he’s driving the debate.”


Back in February, Hutchinson said, “It is up to Arkansas to stop the Donald Trump show. The next generation of conservatives cannot allow Donald Trump to take everything we stand for and throw it away.” He said that Trump’s “words are frightening.” Times change.

Hutchinson also touched on medical marijuana, health care, taxes, and the MLK holiday in his interview with Drew Petrimoulx. I’m not able to embed video of the full interview, but you can watch it here.