KATV finally nailed down Blevins School Board member Ted Bonner for wearing blackface and sporting a misspelled Black Lives Matter sign as a Halloween costume.

I mentioned the furor at a School Board meeting last night . The  school superintendent tried unsuccessfully to get law officers to evict people from the NAACP from the meeting, but the sheriff had a better grip on the 1st Amendment. They weren’t allowed a spot on the board agenda, but spoke before to a gathered crowd, drawing some heated response. The protestors said it was no “joke,” as one Bonner defender said.


Leaving the meeting, KATV got a quick comment from Bonner, who said he’d merely gone to a Halloween party and would not resign from the board.

“Everybody dresses in a costume.  I didn’t know there was no such a thing as blackface. If I step down, I’m just getting what these people want. I mean I’m standing up for my rights as a United States citizen.”

Yes, Bonner has an inalienable right to engage in stereotyping behavior that mocks a race of people that include children in the schools he oversees.  And they — “these people,” as Bonner put it — have a right for their unhappiness to be heard.