The American Conservative Union has come up with some winners in ranking Arkansas legislators on their voting records.

The list of Arkansas legislators singled out for praise for voting records in excess of 80 percent on the ACU scale:


Representatives: Ballinger, Bell, Bentley, Dotson, Gates, M. Gray, G. Hodges, Lundstrum, D. Meeks, S. Meeks, Neal, Payton, Petty, Richmond, Smith and Tosh.

Senators: Collins-Smith, Flippo. Hester, King and Rice.


For a quick list of the first Arkansas legislators you’d want to toss out of your own personal lifeboat, it’d be hard to top this one.

Ballinger and Bell topped 90 percent on the scorecard.


To do good, a legislator needed to, among others, oppose abortion; favor a reduction in unemployment benefits; promote charter schools; favor concealed carry at schools; oppose the expansion of health care care coverage under the Affordable Care Act; support protection of discrimination against gay people; and support tapping general revenue for highwayss. The ACU DID oppose something most Republicans favored — corporate welfare in the form of cash handouts and increased public borrowing to subsidize private business.