Got anything? I got some peppermint ice cream today so my Christmas feast shopping list is complete.

I do do wish someone imported Mont d’Or cheese here, a celebratory element of French Noel feasting.  But I found something close, Epoisse, to go with the Stilton.

Can’t wait for kids to come home. Pictured is one of our traditional ornaments, a sentimental favorite always hung prominently, cheesy though it might be. Surely your family has some sentimental favorites to talk about. The elementary school ones are getting ragged from years of love.

News update: LRPD says a three-year-old seriously wounded in shooting in Penney’s  parking lot on Shackleford.


UPDATE: The child died. The shooting apparently occurred elsewhere and the driver’s grandmother drove to the parking lot. No underlying explanation offered yet by the police.