DUCK AND COVER: A correlation between Trump voting and popularity of "Duck Dynasty." New York Times

An analysis by the New York Times’ Upsho
t is not really surprising in a way — TV show popularity is a good measure of voting in the 2016 presidential election. Why? There are sharp differences in preferences in TV as well as candidates between rural and urban voters.

It is the prototypical example of a show that is most popular in rural areas. The correlation between fandom and the percentage of people who voted for Mr. Trump was higher for “Duck Dynasty” than it was for any other show.

There are many comparisons drawn. For example, on “Modern Family” (a long-running show, which, if you didn’t know, includes a gay character):


Its audience pattern is the prototypical example of a city show — most popular in liberal, urban clusters in Boston, San Francisco and Santa Barbara, Calif., and least popular in the more rural parts of Kentucky, Mississippi and Arkansas.