PARTY LIKE IT'S 2017: At Mar-a-Lago

Here’s an open line and if pay-to-play is your interest, check Politico’s report on how the private club owned by Donald Trump in Florida has sold hundreds of tickets (800 guests are expected) to a New Year’s Eve party at which a featured guest will be the future president.

Trump’s mot president yet, right, so it’s OK for him to benefit from proceeds of ticket sales to a party featuring him, right?  They won’t disclose ticket prices.

Incoming White House Director of Strategic Communications Hope Hicks rejected criticisms that Mar-a-Lago was selling access to the president-elect.

“The transition is not concerned about the appearance of a conflict,” she said. “This is an annual celebratory event at the private club, like others that have continued to occur since the election. Additionally, the president cannot and does not have a conflict.”

Anyone bringing up Trump’s criticism of Hillary Clinton would be a loser and sad.