Carroll County District Judge Timothy Parker resigned in the last days of his term last year and has agreed that he can never be a judge again following an investigation by the Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission.

He admitted extending favors improperly to defendants in his court that he’d known through various connections. He disputed allegation that he traded preferential treatment in return for sexual favors from more than a dozen women. The commission said it had videotaped statement from the women.


Evidence uncovered in the investigation has been forwarded for review by prosecutors.

These facts are undisputed, according to a ;etter from David Sachar, executive director of Judicial Discipline:


Parker DID dispute the following allegation, but said litigating the issue would have been a burden on his law practice and family.

The commission statement noted these allegations became moot on his resignation and agreement never to serve again.


Parker served by appointment, beginning in 2013. He functioned essentially as Eureka Springs municipal judge.