WELL CONNECTED: Political consultant Jon Gilmore, leading a fund-raiser for former boss Asa Hutchinson, uses this photo on his private business page to tout his connectyions to the state's top politician.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, getting out ahead of the legislative session — when campaign fund-raising has an even more fraught appearance than normal — is throwing a fund-raiser for his 2018 gubernatorial campaign Thursday at the Capital Hotel.

I expect it will be well-attended and his incumbency, in time, will produce all the millions he needs for a strong campaign. But I did want to note that the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette article about the event noted that Jon Gilmore, the governor’s 2014 campaign manager and former deputy chief of staff, is strawbossing the money roundup.


Gilmore is now head of a “consulting” firm. Does that mean lobbying? Well, kind of/sort of.

He turned up with a hand in a PR effort between Microsoft and the governor on the governor’s pet computer literacy work, Gilmore having Microsoft as a paying client. He touts his association with the governor on his consulting firm website.


Gilmore worked with the group fighting the medical marijuana issue.

Gilmore has turned up as a spokesman for Arkansas landlords in the marijuana fight. They will be back at the legislature in 2017 opposing any improvement to the worst landlord-tenant law in the country.


That Gilmore is the governor’s main money man shouldn’t harm his appearance as a well-connected Asa man when it comes to public policy “consulting” needs. Should anybody be looking to hire one.

The ground underfoot seems a touch swampy to me.