Quite an opener to 2017 in Arkansas, with four gun homicides.

* A man is suspected of killing his mother
and wounding his father in Faulkner County. He’s in custody.

* A Fort Smith man has been arrested for killing two brothers in the Washburn community in Sebastian County.


* A woman is in custody for fatally shooting a man during an argument in Pine Bluff Monday afternoon.

Little Rock apparently passed the first day of the year without a homicide. So, if you’re keeping score for Jan. 1: Arkansas 4, Little Rock 0.


The capital city did record the theft of a car with two children inside, but they survived the episode unhurt. The mother had briefly left the children in the car, with engine running, during a service station stop. A suspect is still being sought.

UPDATE: Spoke too soon. The Pulaski sheriff’s office is reporting this morning that one person is dead and another wounded in a shooting on Ironton Road south of Little Rock. A man who lives in the home where the victims were found is being sought.


The Pulaski sheriff said Brandi Johnson-Bennett, 45, was killed. Ashley Lawson, 41, was wounded. Johnson-Bennett lived at the trailer with George Ricky Jenkins, 41, who was still being sought Tuesday afternoon. But authorities believe they’d tracked him to a hunting camp near Gregory in Woodruff County.

Officers have the camp surrounded and have been on the scene for more than an hour in hopes of negotiating a peaceful surrender, a spokesman for the office said.

TURSDAY EVENING UPDATE:  Reports are that shooting has occurred in police-suspect standoff in rural Woodruff County.  No identity has been confirmed but media report a  body being recovered following shootout.  From the beginning of the standoff local officials believed Jenkins was inside.

LATEST: Officials say a robot was sent into the building and it showed officers a body inside. It is not yet known if the death was self-inflicted or the result of an earlier exchange of gunfire with State Police, but one law enforcement source said Jenkins appeared to die from a self-inflicted shot to the chest.


FURTHER: Officials now have confirmed the dead man is Jenkins.  Pulaski deputies got a tip that Jenkins could be found at the hunting club  Jenkins had prior convictions, the sheriff’s office said, for kidnapping, aggravated assault and battery.