They’ve had a forum in Fayetteville today on Rep. Charlie Collins’ fervent desire to force more pistol-packing people onto the campus at the University of Arkansas (and every other college in Arkansas.)

Collins and other legislators met some strong resistance today in a packed room. Channing Barker of KNWA News has a series of snips on Twitter that give you a flavor .


The 2nd Amendment is not absolute, of course, any more than the 1st is. There are many places the legislature may legally restrict guns in the name of safety — including the state Capitol, a “safe space” that Collins has so far shown little interest in opening up. Gov. Asa Hutchinson has said he prefers leaving the decision to governing bodies of the institutions, just as the law leaves no-gun zone decisions to, for example, private businesses and homes.

Interesting note: Legislators who favor campus autonomy reportedly gave out their phone numbers to members of the audience. Those who favor more guns on campus reportedly would only give e-mails.


There is  a scaredycat factor among the nutters. I’ve long had a listed phone and screen no office calls. So I’ve heard from them plenty over the years, particularly one persistent coward who calls me regularly (today, for example on occasion of Trump’s inauguration). He has an untraceable phone. His MO is to hurl a series of profane oaths then hang up before I can blow a whistle in his ear or urge him to get some professional help.