Treasurer Dennis Milligan today announced he has accepted the resignation of Hunter Hatcher, an Outreach Coordinator for the Treasurer’s office.

Hatcher publicly stated on social media that because Donald Trump was taking office, “Gay jokes are back on ya bunch of homos,” and also made derogatory comments (in the form of lame jokes) regarding the role of women.


Milligan had received complaints about the matter on Facebook and elsewhere and issued a statement yesterday saying, “We are obviously very disappointed in some recent outbursts on social media by one of our employees.” Milligan said that he “does not and has never held such audacious viewpoints.” Milligan said yesterday that he was required by law to hold the position for Hatcher, who is currently on leave with the National Guard, but said “we will be discussing this situation and his role in the office with him” once he returned. Hatcher, however, resigned today.

Milligan explicitly condemned Hatcher’s comments about women but did not make a direct reference to his comments about gay people. Prior to the news of Hatcher’s resignation, the Stonewall Democrats issued a second statement asking Milligan for “a sincere and full apology for all of the harmful comments Hatcher actually said on social media.”



I missed this, but yesterday the treasurer also used the office Twitter account to comment: “Absurd, insulting, unprofessional. He doesn’t speak for me nor represent the views of my staff. Embarrassing.”


KATV got a copy of Wallace’s resignation letter, see below.