Politico’s Gabriel Debenedetti, filing from Little Rock, reports on the future plans of Hillary Clinton in the wake of her loss in the presidential election:

There have been no conversations about starting her own political group but Clinton has spoken with leaders of emerging Democratic-leaning organizations about their work, and has discussed possible opportunities to work with Organizing For Action, former President Barack Obama’s initiative. Among the potential political priorities she has mentioned to associates are building pipelines for young party leaders to rise and ensuring that a reconstructed Democratic National Committee functions as an effective hub that works seamlessly with other party campaign wings.

Debenedetti also reports that the Clintons have been evaluating data to try to form a better understanding of the factors that led to her defeat.

And outside of politics:

Bill Clinton… has dived back into his work with the Clinton Foundation, while Hillary Clinton — spotted recently resuming her social life on Broadway and at trendy dinners in New York and Washington — is considering doing some writing.

Cameo from former Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor:


On a personal level, I lost a race in 2014 and it was on a much, much smaller scale than what she lost. But I know there’s a time of healing that has to happen. So on a personal level I know she just needs to get away for a while.

Will she run for office again? Nope, at least not according to the sources Debenedetti talked to. Here’s Pryor again:

The Democratic Party does need new blood, new faces, and I don’t think Bill or Hillary Clinton would ever want to get back and run for anything — I don’t think a team of mules could drag them to do that.

Lots more gossip and speculation about what’s next for Clinton, who’s in an unusual position as a losing candidate with no clear political or public-service future, in Debenedetti’s deep dive.

Debenedetti was a recent speaker at the Clinton School of Public Service, giving a talk on “the 2016 election aftermath and what comes next.”