This might be apropos given the headlines from the Capitol of late. Rep. Greg Leding (D- Fayetteville) created a “Determined Constituent Guide” this year with general strategic advice and some handy information for citizens trying to make their voices heard at the Capitol.

My sense is that most folks vastly underestimate how powerful it can be to simply communicate with a local legislator, whether by writing, calling, or showing up in person. Unlike, say, giving money to a presidential candidate, this kind of citizen engagement is so rare that the few individuals who are willing to do it can often manage to get their voices heard (particularly if it’s about a matter without rigid preconceived partisan notions baked in). Obviously there are many legislators who are unmovable on many issues. But if they start hearing from a lot of citizens, believe me, they take notice. There’s a tipping point for many. People power, on the rare occasions when it makes enough noise, can be a powerful lobby all its own.