We mentioned yesterday that Sen. Jason Rapert and others are considering legislative action to try to upend the medical marijuana amendment to the state constitution approved by voters in November.

Rapert floated a few ideas to KARK’s Drew Petrimoulx: One was delaying the law’s implementation until the federal government legalizes marijuana. The other would involve enacting the law but banning patients from smoking marijuana.

In a follow-up last night, KARK reported that Gov. Asa Hutchinson is open to the no-smoking scheme. “If the medical community says there’s a better delivery system, I think the legislature should consider the best delivery system for that medicine to get to the patient,” Hutchinson said. The governor, however, said he does not favor the notion of delaying the law altogether pending a change in federal law.

Some are skeptical of the end-around. The governor’s nephew, Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson, opposed the medical marijuana amendment when it was on the ballot but concluded, sagely, “I think the people spoke.”