Various outlets have been reporting on draconian policies on immigration and refugees that the Trump administration plans to pursue.

Vox published four leaked drafts of executive orders yesterday:


They wouldn’t ban all Muslim immigration to the US, breaking a Trump promise from early in his campaign, but they would temporarily ban entries from seven majority-Muslim countries and bar all refugees from coming to the US for several months. They would make it harder for immigrants to come to the US to work, make it easier to deport them if they use public services, and put an end to the Obama administration program that protected young “DREAMer” immigrants from deportation.

In all, the combined documents would represent one of the harshest crackdowns on immigrants — both those here and those who want to come here — in memory.

Entry into the United States would be suspended from seven countries — Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Iraq, with the possibility of other countries being added.

Meanwhile, all refugee admissions would suspended for at least four months. Admissions of Syrian refugees would be suspended until Trump says otherwise. No use mincing words: This would be a humanitarian catastrophe and a shameful abandonment of American principles, morals, and decency.


Via Poltico, here’s Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley, who called the Trump proposal a “smokescreen for religious discrimination”:

Widows and orphans are not threats to our national security. Muslim Iraqi interpreters put their lives at risk and have saved the lives of innumerable American service members. They have proven their loyalty. The true threat to our national security is surrendering the American values we stand for on the world stage and allowing ISIS to recruit more supporters through the false narrative that America is at war with Islam.

DACA, the program that currently temporarily protects hundreds of thousands of “DREAMers” (those who came to the U.S. when they were 16 or younger and have pursued education and had no felony convictions) from deportation would be repealed.


Legal immigration would be massively reduced via the reduction of various work visas, work permits, green-card eligibility rules, etc.

A complex set of bureaucratic rules would be imposed to try to block legal immigrants from getting social services like Medicaid. The Department of Homeland Security would block any otherwise legal immigrant from coming to the U.S. if he or she is likely to receive any sort of income-based benefit of any kind. Legal immigrants in the country on visas who did use income-based benefits would be subject to deportation; sponsors would be on the hook for reimbursing the federal government for any benefits used by the immigrant.

You can read the leaked documents over at Vox but there’s been no official actions on the above from the White House. Trump has, however, signed an executive order purporting to “build the wall” and, more substantively for now, to authorize more arrests, detentions, and deportatins at the border.