The Little Rock Police Department issued the report in an accident yesterday that claimed the life of a man pushing an empty wheelchair in traffic on Stagecoach Road.

According to the report, motorist Nathan C. Givens, 26, of N. Little Rock was heading north near 9125 Stagecoach Rd. yesterday around 6:30 p.m. when he struck the man, who was pushing the wheelchair down the inside travel lane of the four-lane highway.

According to the report, Givens told police that after seeing a car in front of him swerve, he also attempted to avoid the man, locking up his brakes and leaving 33 feed of skid mark, but slid into the pedestrian. The victim was declared dead at the scene. The deceased had no identification on his person, and have not identified him as of this writing.

Givens was later taken to the LRPD’s Southwest Substation where he submitted a urine sample for analysis and provided a statement to investigators. He was later taken back to the scene of the accident and released.

The dead man’s body was turned over to the Arkansas State Crime Lab, which will attempt to identify him and issue a toxicology report.