Unlike some legislators who cash in with shady consulting gigs (or out-and-out corruption), Rep. Stephen Meeks is out earning an honest living.

Meeks has been detailing his stories of being a delivery man for Papa John’s on his Twitter feed. I don’t agree with Meeks on, say, tax policy, but I’ve been enjoying his dispatches. There is something beautifully American about one of the people’s representatives sharing his tales of scraping together income on an hourly wage.

Meeks said that, keeping a promise to his boss, he does not talk politics on the job.

He has offered to answer, between deliveries, any questions about being a delivery guy posted to him on Twitter (several local politicians have asked whether he can deliver to their neighborhood — sorry, only Conway city limits for Meeks). A few tidbits: He swears that Papa John’s pizza will be hot when it arrives by delivery. He says that appropriate tip depends on the size of the order but $3-5 is considered a healthy gratuity by most drivers. Sounds like tips vary widely; he recently had a night where everyone tipped but that’s rare. “If the bill is $9.92 & you give driver $10 don’t say ‘keep the change’ as if you’re giving a tip,” he stated. Yes. Good Lord, people!


What’s the weirdest thing he’s seen delivering pizza? He offers two stories. “Went to college dorm one night and vape smoke was so thick i could hardly see back wall of the front room. … A few weeks ago I had six kids 7-12 range answer door. They assured me uncle was there, but I never saw him.” Hmm. C’mon Conway, get weirder.

And one more tipping tale. Ouch: