Noted: Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge tells the D-G that she is just peachy with President Donald Trump‘s executive order, enacting an immediate 90-day ban on entry into the U.S. from citizens of seven majority-Muslim nations as well as a 120-ban on entry for all refugees. Much of the order is currently under a stay after the ACLU filed a lawsuit alleging that the order is unconstitutional. It is unclear whether all federal enforcement agencies are following the federal judge’s stay order, however.

The D-G asked Rutledge for a comment and she said she had no concerns: “I think the president is looking out for the safety of all Americans.” A spokesperson added in a statement that Trump’s order was different in kind than the various actions of Obama that drew inexhaustible litigious interest from Rutledge’s office.


Rutledge was a surrogate for Trump during the campaign, with somewhat wobbly results.