Betty DeVos, Donald Trump’s nominee for Education Secretary, cleared a procedural vote in the Senate today (unusually scheduled at 6:30 this morning) and her final confirmation vote will now likely be set for Monday or Tuesday.

At least two Republican senators have said they will vote against her despite backing the procedural vote today. With Democrats voting in lockstep against her, that would produce a 50-50 tie that Vice President Mike Pence would have to break in order to confirm her. If one more swing Republican buckles, her nomination is sunk (GOP leadership has expressed confidence that she’ll get over the hump, but obviously the margins are tight).


HuffPo gathers a little data on one thing to keep in mind — DeVos and the DeVos family are plutocrat mega-donors. Here’s their roundup of direct donations, including to Sen. Tom Cotton:

One of the GOP senators opposing DeVos, Murkowski, has been a recipient; the other, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, has not. The senator considered the most likely to swing and vote against her, Toomey, has been a major recipient of DeVos dollars.


Keep in mind, this is a massive under-counting because of dark money. The DeVos family has poured $8.3 million into super PACs backing Republicans in the last two election cycles alone. Millions more may have gone into issue-advocacy organizations that do de facto campaigning but don’t have to report donations. DeVos will hope to cash in on Monday.