Mike “Chuckles” Huckabee
has held positions of power and has an ongoing post as a roving C-grade celebrity. As such, he’s had a lifetime of people pretending to laugh at his jokes, a dynamic that has confused the Huckster. Huckabee thinks he’s funny. It’s sad.

Huckabee likes to test out his material on Twitter. He recently offered up the diss above, making fun of Sen. Chuck Schumer for becoming teary-eyed when he spoke about the murder of his family members in the Holocaust. Huckabee suggested that Schumer should take a role in the film “Boys Don’t Cry,” a film telling the true story of Brandon Teena, a young transgender man who was brutally raped and murdered. The exclamation mark really sells the joke’s setup.

Huckabee, of course, never cries. That’s why they call him Chuckles.

Anyhoo, the comedian Cameron Esposito was inspired by Huckabee to push a fundraising effort for Trans Lifeline, a crisis line for the transgender community. Seems like a good cause! Donors, also inspired by Huckabee, raised $13,000 for Trans Lifeline in memory of Teena as of yesterday; they’re hoping to raise more today.


There may be human beings out there who think that Mike Huckabee is funny. It’s a big world. If so, they must be the right-wing equivalent of liberals who like the cutting-edge rhythms of Prairie Home Companion? I don’t know. It takes all kinds.