I mentioned this morning that Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is trying to get federal court to stop the implementation of a federal clean air protection plan aiming to protect the state’s parks and wilderness areas.

The Sierra Club, which filed the lawsuit that led to the plan in the first place, issued the following statement in response to Rutledge filing for a stay to stop its implementation:

Attorney General Rutledge never misses an opportunity to fight for dirtier air. Her attempt to derail the Arkansas Regional Haze plan is just her latest bold stance in favor of polluters and against Arkansas families.

Hundreds of Arkansans voiced their support for clean air protections when the Regional Haze plan was proposed. The plan will lead to better visibility in our parks and wilderness areas and, as a bonus, healthier air for Arkansans. Why our Attorney General chooses to side with polluters and against Arkansans is a continuing mystery.

The Sierra Club will continue to stand up for clean air protections and all the benefits they bring to Arkansans. Attorney General Rutledge should be a leader on clean air for the Natural State—not using the power of office to continue the fouling of our parks and air.