Rep. French Hill sent out a push poll to his e-mail list today, hearkening back to the good ol’ days when he could campaign against Obamacare in the abstract without actually dealing with the consequences.

Republicans promised that if they gained power in the White House, they would immediately work to repeal and replace Affordable Care Act. In practice, they have been utterly incapable of coalescing around a replacement plan, and the politics of repeal have proved more difficult than they anticipated. Enacting a massive tax cut for the rich and kicking more than 20 million Americans off of their health care plans — potentially nearly doubling the uninsured rate — may prove politically dicey. Republican lawmakers now fear something like the 2009 Tea Party revolt in reverse: A mass movement of folks showing up to town halls to demand answers if the GOP actually follows through on its promise to repeal the health care law, eliminating Medicaid coverage for millions of low-income people and eliminating subsidies and protections that millions more depend on.


Hill’s “survey” is a recitation of misleading talking points in question form, and a reference to Obama and Pelosi that is almost sweet in its nostalgia for the simpler times when being a Republican politician was as simple as uttering Obummer, as shibboleth and rallying cry.

I’d expect he’s going to get a few questions that are a bit more pointed about the impact of dismantling the health care law if he dares to meet his constituents in a town hall.


Here’s Hill’s e-mail:

Dear Friends,

As House Republicans formulate a plan to increase access to health care while driving down the costs for hardworking families, we want to hear from you about your experience and recommendations.

Please consider taking part in this quick survey so that I can get your input as we craft this important legislation.

Click here to take the survey.

And the survey: