State Rep. Mark Lowery of Maumelle went to court last week to seek an injunction to stop the scheduled sale of his Maumelle home in a foreclosure sale at the county courthouse at 10 a.m. today.

According to court filings, a hearing on his injunction request has been scheduled in Judge Timothy Fox’s court for Feb. 21.


Lowery’s lawsuit contends Nationstar Mortgage had approved a payment plan of about $1,200 a month in the fall, but begin rejecting his payments, including a December payment. If the house is sold at foreclosure, Lowery will lose “significant equity,” his complaint said.

There’s no response on file from the mortgage company, which is using the non-judicial foreclosure process provided in Arkansas law.


Lowery’s complaint doesn’t disclose the amount owed on the house on Summit Valley Circle. It’s carried on the tax rolls with a value of $249,000. An assignment of the mortgage in November said it had an original principal sum of $222,673.

UPDATE: I heard back from Rep. Lowery.


He said Judge Fox did not grant a stay in the foreclosure proceeding although Nationstar’s local counsel didn’t oppose the delay. Lowery added:

We could not even get a payment figure to bring current from Nationstar so I was forced to file for Chapter 13 reorganization to halt the sale.

Here is the kind of people we’re dealing with: