Little Rock native Richard Martin, a former editor of the Arkansas Times, posted this commentary on Facebook yesterday and, well, amen:

With apologies to Max Brantley, here’s your news roundup for Thursday, Feb. 23:

 House Republicans used a back-door maneuver to kill a resolution that could lead to an investigation of the Trump administration’s ties to Russia.

 Trump ejected the White House Council on Environmental Quality, for which he has not named a director, from its longtime HQ in Washington.

 Steve Bannon explicitly said that Trump nominees were chosen to dismantle the agencies they head.

 Trump called deportations of illegal immigrants a “military operation” on U.S. soil.

 Law enforcement officers demanded proof of ID from every passenger getting off a flight from San Francisco to New York—a domestic flight.

 Trump vowed to expand the US nuclear arsenal to make us “top of the pack.”

 ICE agents forcibly removed an undocumented woman suffering from a brain tumor from a Texas hospital.

 A suspect arrested in a triple shooting (one fatal) in Kansas on Thursday shouted “Get out of my country!” as he fired at 3 men of South Asian descent (whom he believed were “Middle Eastern”).

 SWAT teams in Humvees, wearing riot gear and sporting automatic weapons, forcibly cleared peaceful opponents to the Dakota pipeline from the last protest camp in North Dakota.

So, pretty much just another beautiful day in Trump’s America.