Needing 75 votes, an appropriation for the Capitol Zoning District Commission got only 52 and failed to pass the Arkansas House this morning.

CORRECTION/CLARIFICATION: As a reader notes, this was a reappropriation for the current budget, not next year’s appropriation, to cover a piece of equipment.

It can be considered again. Rep. Warwick Sabin of Little Rock acknowledged that there’d been some complaints about the commission’s regulation of historic neighborhoods around the Capitol and Governor’s Mansion, but he said those issues had been addressed and he asked state legislators to give some deference to the strong support the commission enjoys from the Little Rock delegation and others.

Fact is, it approves most proposals it reviews and its oversight has been credited with preserving and improving the neighborhoods. Enemies have been trying to kill it for at least four years, in part arising from disapproval of a tall fence around a particular downtown home.