Sen. Bart Hester
, the anti-gay legislator who fathered the legislation aimed at preventing local civil rights ordinances to protect LGBT people, is all for local control when it comes to marijuana.

He’s introduced legislation today to amend the people-approved medical marijuana amendment to allow local governments to impose stricter regulations on marijuana dispensaries than those applied to pharmacies, as the amendment provided, and also to to regulate or even prohibit marijuana cultivation or dispensing facilities. The big change is that a governing body could vote the prohibition, without an election. This prohibition effort ran into trouble in the House, but the fight isn’t over.

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Remember when Hester said — and the Arkansas Supreme Court bought — the idea that the gay discrimination legislation was really about preventing a “crazy quilt” of laws pertaining to gay rights?

A crazy quilt of pot laws is another matter for Sen. Hester. He’s joined by Rep. Robin Lundstrum, the advocate earlier today of secret school police forces.