The Little Rock City Board meeting Tuesday has an agenda that likely will be heavy on sewer discussions.

As we’ve reported before, two items are pending:


* SPRAWL: One is Director Lance Hines resolution to urge a study of extending sewer service to areas outside the city. It’s nothing but a cloak to in fact exactly encourage providing sewer service outside the city and, if history is a guide, encourage sprawling development that creates new demands across city services without paying for it. This resolution fits like a glove with legislation pushed by wastewater treatment plant builder and state Rep. Andy Davis of Little Rock to require the city to extend service outside the city. Jim Lynch sounded the alarm about this earlier in the week.

* MORE SPRAWL: Of immediate potential impact is the appeal by a developer outside the city but within the city’s planning jurisdiction to get the City Board to override denial of a permit for his package treatment plant for a new subdivision along Highway 10. Neighbors have been raising sand about the potential threat to waterways for months and the planning staff has not been receptive.

Even booming Bentonville has imposed impact fees to pay for growth. Little Rock prefers to encourage low-cost growth and then let all the poor people pay for the flight suburbs when the inevitable need for more treatment plants, more fire stations, more parks, more streets occur.


Also noted on the city board agenda: A couple of appointments to the Little Rock Advertising and Promotion Commission, which handles use of the city’s significant restaurant and hotel tax in promoting visitors. Up for confirmation are restaurateur Jim Keet to an unexpired industry seat that had been held by Warren Simpson and Sonny Williams Steak Room owner Andy Agar to another industry seat.