Belief versus facts: Gun edition.

Sen. Linda Collins-Smith (R-Pocahontas), to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on her proposal to allow any concealed weapon permit holder to take a concealed weapon onto public college campuses:


“You can’t be pro-gun enough in Arkansas.”

2016 Arkansas Poll by the University of Arkansas, an 800-person sample:

Gun Laws:

For stricter laws: 31 percent
For less strict laws: 14 percent
No change to current gun laws: 53 percent

Collins-Smith has another gun bill, to allow concealed carry permit holders to take weapons into most public facilities including, among others, the Capitol, the Justice Building and  “the courtroom of any court of this state.” This is presumably because she believes all concealed carry permit holders are responsible and, well, “you can’t be pro-gun enough.”  But there was that one  time in 2011 ...


When a concealed carry permit holder shot up the office of the divorce court in which he’d appeared in Van Buren.

Prisons, bars and athletic events are among the few  places Collins-Smith doesn’t want to allow concealed weapons. Why not there, I don’t know. I thought you couldn’t be pro-gun enough.