A hospitality industry spokesman today spoke out against Sen. Linda Collins-Smith’s bill to discriminate against transgender people in public restroom and changing room use. It was pulled down in Senate committee yesterday, but likely could come back up again next week.

Rolf Wilkin, who owns a Eureka Springs restaurant, said he sent this letter today to Collins-Smith:

I am Rolf Wilkin, the owner and founder of Eureka Pizza in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley. I also serve as the President of the Arkansas Restaurant Association and I am Chairman of the Board of the Arkansas Hospitality Association. Both Associations are opposed to a “Bathroom Bill”.

Hospitality is the 2nd largest industry in Arkansas. Hospitality employs over 100,000 Arkansans. Approximatly 9% of all jobs in Arkansas are in Hospitality. Please don’t put thousands of jobs at risk with a divisive and unenforceable “Bathroom Bill”.

Your bill includes restrooms within public parks and bike trails that are typically unattended. We already have countless laws that punish criminal activity.

Please withdraw your bill. Tourists from around the world are coming to Arkansas. Let’s keep welcoming all visitors with hospitality and friendship. Arkansas is a great state and we have much natural beauty and heritage to share- please don’t force people to turn away!