Mike Huckabee
tries daily to say something outrageous to stir social media chatter for his failing career. He succeeded today, though it’s nothing to be proud of.

He’s repeated his disdain for the rule of law, saying President Trump should ignore court orders enjoining his latest effort to ban immigration from Muslim countries.


Huckabee urged the President to ignore the ruling, citing Andrew Jackson’s refusal to enforce an 1832 Supreme Court decision affirming the sovereignty of the Cherokee Nation. Jackson rejected the decision in Worcester v. Georgia, leading to the forcible expulsion of some 15,000 Cherokee from Georgia along the Trail of Tears. Some 4,000 died on that journey.

Proud bit of history for Andrew Jackson. Who wouldn’t want to emulate that? Let’s hope this is one bit of advice dad gives his daughter Sarah in morning briefing, that Trump’s deputy press secretary chooses not to take.