AP is reporting that the state has been told by Circuit Judge Wendell Griffin that it must turn over some information related to drugs used in executions.

Here is corrected link:

Steve Shults, a Little Rock lawyer, filed the suit.

The judge ordered information about one drug turned over in 30 minutes. The state said it would appeal.

UPDATE: It will be interesting to see how the state Supreme Court, which loves to overturn Griffen, responds. It looks to me like Steve Shults, a smart lawyer himself, and his legal team, along with the judge’s careful reasoning, has found an opening to exploit in the law written to through an official veil of secrecy over the execution process. It looks like the state must provide manufacturer’s information, which would give some assurances about the quality of the drug. But the packaging could lead those interested to the suppliers of the drug. Can’t have that.

Arkansas is adamant and proud of the death penalty in capital cases. For all its certitude though, it demonstrates recognition of the barbarity of the practice by wanting to hide information about the drugs and the executioners, not to mention the actual state killing itself.