Jack Jones Jr., scheduled for the final clemency hearing today among the eight who had been set for execution in April, does not want clemency, KTHV reports via Twitter.

Jones reportedly said he’d merely requested clemency out of “solidarity” with other inmates. Jones is scheduled to die for killing Mary Phillips, a Bald Knob bookkeeper, in 1995.

If Jones’ wishes means a perfunctory denial of the request, it means the state will be set for seven executions over a 10-day period of time to begin at 7 p.m. April 17, with the seventh set at 7 p.m. April 27. An eighth inmate,  Jason McGehee, was given at least a temporary stay yesterday by a federal judge because the state law requires a 30-day period for comment after an inmate has been recommended for clemency by the Parole Board/ McGehee  received a favorable recommendation April 5. That statute couldn’t be met if McGehee were to be executed April 27 as originally scheduled.

A variety of court appeals seek to stop the executions, which have been put on express schedule because the supply one of the three drugs used in the lethal injection process will expire this month.



Here’s a good account of the hearing today with Jones’ letter on his guilt and lack of interest in clemency.  From KARK:


Jones didn’t appear before the board Friday at the Varner Unit but asked his attorney to read a letter addressed to his victim’s daughter and husband and the commissioners.

“I am so very, very sorry,” read Jeff Rosenzweig. “I haven’t wanted clemency ever. I have no interest in it.”

Instead, Jones wrote he requested the hearing to stand in solidarity with his fellow inmates over the lethal injection drug lawsuit and publicly apologize to his victim’s daughter, Lacy Phillips.

“For so many years, I kept a grainy, black and white Xerox photo of you on the surgical table, kept it taped to the inside of my notebook and at the bottom, I had written in bold letters, ‘YOU DID THIS,'” Jones wrote. “I kept it so I would never forget to remember. Some guys don’t. Some make every effort not to or they lie to themselves and survive on denial. I’ve never been able to do such a thing.”