Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has surrendered to authorities on campaign finance violations and he’s expected to resign soon rather than face impeachment. He posted a $300 bond.

If you haven’t been following:. This Bible-beating old Republican fool got smitten with a high female staffer and got caught by his wife (now divorced) exchanging texted love notes and, on tape, talking to his sweetie about fondling her breasts. The woman’s husband has a well-paid position as an adviser on faith matters.  The crime wasn’t the sex. The problem was the governor’s effort to cover it up and using campaign and official resources on protecting himself and going after enemies.


Bentley is 74 and some of his lack of high-tech savvy did him in.

From a detailed narrative of the episode put together in an ethics investigation he tried to keep under wraps, as reported by Talking Points Memo in an affair highlights recital:


Unbeknownst to the governor and Mason, the frequent romantic texts they exchanged were all visible to Dianne Bentley. The governor’s state-issued cell phone’s cloud was linked to his state-issued iPad, which he had gifted to his then-wife, allowing her to watch the rumored affair unfold in real time.

“I’m so in love with you,” Bentley wrote to Mason in one text, along with two heart-eye emojis. “We are pitiful.”

“Poor Robert. Poor Rebekah,” he added.

“Yes… Bless our hearts… And other parts,” Mason wrote back.

“Magnetic,” Bentley replied.

…. The device oversight was only one of Bentley’s errors.

In spring 2014, he mistakenly sent a text to his wife reading, “I love you Rebekah,” along with an emoji of a red rose.

Bentley’s resignation would open the door to Alabama’s second woman governor — Republican Kay Ivey, now lieutenant governor. She’s 72, if you’re counting.