U.S. Rep. Steve Womack, the 3rd District Republican got an earful from constituents at a town hall in Russellville Monday night, though, as is his custom, he didn’t sound too sympathetic to critics.

KARK’s report says the event ended in a “shouting match.”

Big college loan debt? Join the military, said Womack.

Problems with health care? Some have problems because they don’t work, Womack seemed to suggest.

He was pressed on defense spending and Donald Trump, too.

“I’m with Trump,” Womack said.

He was also ripped for proposing to end financial support for health services (not abortion) provided by Planned Parenthood.

The final question touched on women’s reproductive rights and the push to defund Planned Parenthood.

“You believe in pro-life,” the woman said. “What about my life? When can women be accepted as equal members of society?”

“Nobody is trying to destroy women’s rights,” Womack responded. “But we’re trying to stand up for the unborn.”

Planned Parenthood services supported by government money, in fact, support healthy mothers, something good for the unborn.

Pressed in changes in the Affordable Care Act, perhaps including a shift to block grants to the state that would likely mean a reduction in people served, KARK reported:

A concerned mother asked the first question at Monday night’s town hall, urging the congressman to vote against Medicaid block grants.

“People like my son are not a drain on society,” she told him. “They are job creators.”

Congressman Womack was empathetic but told her cuts have to happen somewhere.

“At the same time, there’s a serious amount of money going to people who have other options, particularly, in some cases, work options,” he said. 

Womack has other town halls scheduled over four days.

He’s in sharp contrast with 2nd District Republican U.S. Rep. French Hill of Little Rock, who has assiduously avoided public meetings with his constituents.